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New Year’s Calendar


It appears to be conflicting information about which days are starred. Here you can see in the announcement there are 4 starred days. In-game though, there is only 1 star.

Monster Legends Earnings Guide

Earning Gold in Monster Legends

Habitats are just one half of the equation when figuring out how to earn the most Gold. The Monsters you put in them can vary dramatically in their earnings per minute. Filling up your Habitats with the right Monsters can mean you earn several times more Gold than using the wrong ones. That can make a huge difference in how long it takes to save up for expensive upgrades.

So be sure to check out Monster Legend Guide’s Earning List to find which Monsters will fill up your Habitats with Gold the quickest!

Monster Legends Temple Guide

Monster Legends Temples

Once you have the monsters you want to fill your habitats comes the leveling. As monsters increase in level, they earn more gold, gain better skills, and can help you win fights in the Adventure Map and Combat Arena. Leveling up requires lots of food, and Temples to increase the level cap for your monsters.

Each monster has their level cap determined by the lowest level Temple that corresponds to one of their elements. So if you have a level 8 Light Temple, but only a level 2 Dark Temple, then your Fayemelina would be capped at level 20.

Careful planning on which Temples to build and upgrade first is an important aspect of the game! Use Monster Legend Guide’s Temple Guide to help you chose the right Temples to build and upgrade!

Monster Legends Breeding Calculator

Guide to Combinations to Breed any Monster in Monster Legends!

Now that you’ve got an idea of which Monsters you want to fill your Habitats with, go on over to Monster Legend Guide’s Breeding Calculator to find out the best combinations to get them!

Or use our new How to Breed pages to find out the quickest way to get any dragon! The combos give the percent likelihood of getting the target dragon, as well as an estimate of how long it will take. Because of how “misses” vary in breeding time, these estimates can save you days of breeding even when the odds are similar, so go check them out!

Monster Legends Habitat Guide

Guide to Habitats in Monster Legends

Habitats and how much the Monsters in them earn are the engine that drives the economy in Monster Legends. Using the right Habitats can dramatically increase the amount of Gold you can earn per day. There’s limited space in Monster Legends, and a cap on how many Habitats you can place, so choose which Habitats you use wisely!

To help you make the right decisions Monster Legends Guide has a Habitat List with all the information you need! Sort the Habitats by Element or Level, look at all of them at once or just one at a time.