Monster Breeding Calculator: Tyrannoking and Genie

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Dark Element Magic Element
Time: 1:09:00:00
Odds: 33.33%
Expected: 0:18:39:60
Dark Element Magic Element
Time: 0:16:00:00
Odds: 33.33%
Expected: 1:05:59:60
Magic Element Dark Element
Time: 0:12:00:00
Odds: 33.33%
Expected: 1:08:39:60

With the Dec 14 update all of the breeding combinations for Legendary monsters have changed. Some of the Combinations are already known. Check out the How to Breed pages for:

Arch Knight, Darkzgul, Thorder, Lord of the Atlantis, Goldfield, Nemestrinus, Rockantium, Vadamagma