How to Breed a Vadamagma

No Known Combinations to Breed Vadamagma Yet

Not all monsters in Monster Legends are breedable. Some may be breedable but their breeding combinations are not yet known. New monsters may take a while to figure out breeding combinations for. If you know how to breed Vadamagma, please let us know how in the comments below!

Dec 14: Important Update!

It appears that at least some, perhaps all, of the Legendary monster breeding combinations have been changed 2 days ago. So far the only reported combinations that are working are for:

Arch Knight, Darkzgul, Thorder, Lord of the Atlantis, Goldfield, Nemestrinus, Rockantium, Vadamagma

New Breedable Epic Monsters!

Erpham, Drop Elemental, Tartarus, and Darknubis are all confirmed as breedable Epics now!

What is the Average Breeding Time?

The average breeding time is an estimate based on the odds and how long it takes to breed each of the possible monsters from a combination. This is just a rough estimate right now. Because of some shortcuts I took, it will always underestimate the amount of time.